Don’t steal the stick!

It all started when I drew an interpretation of Gonzalez Torres’ clocks. The artist shows them ticking simultaneously, as hearts of two lovers. I interpreted these watches by depicting them without their hands – this way the image fades into infinity. Through this installation I talk about our transience and the important things of earthly life. I believe that there are two worlds, one temporary and the other timeless. After practicing meditation for a while, I learned to experience this moment, here and now, this second.
Every person that I meet is my teacher as I am theirs – circumstances and situations allow us to learn from each other, we exchange thoughts and accumulated spiritual experience.
The installation was born thanks to an internship in Germany. The biggest lesson to me was collaboration with curators Micahael Votz and long reasonings with my soulmate Neringa. The chosen type of exposition demanded time and thorough work, which became a meditative action. Insensibly, the created drawing-skeleton became a honeycomb. The piece is about the transformations in my relationship with The Other. People are like bees carrying honey, which is more than matter. For me, it is a fully lived moment, a phenomenon, a process of becoming conscious. I realized the importance of people finding common language upon meeting, holding no anger and grievances inside, because it hinders the reach of this moment.
Creative process made me directly experience the significance of time in works of art for the first time. The transformations that occurred through time, after meeting new people, experiences, contemplation and a deeply felt moment are the most important in my life. There is neither time nor space, just this moment, an experienced phenomenon. There is only this second, moment, present, in which we can feel the depth of the world. I choose to display a blank wall and hang no drawings, for the now relived moment was very strong and powerful, and I want to share it with the audience, here and now. This piece renders a meeting of three people, which is eternal. I am focused not on representing, rather than helping the viewer to see.