Camouflage Masculinity and Campish Dazzle - ninth solo exhibition and artistic research by Adomas Danusevičius is reflecting a consistent four - year long exploration during his doctoral studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist is aiming to deconstructing the powerful image of the masculinity and is inviting the viewer to a further discussion.

The subject of the artistic research part of the art project Camouflage Masculinity and Campish Dazzle is the culture of homosexual individuals within the context of heteronormativity. The research part establishes historic and ideological beginning of the concepts of camouflage masculinity and campish dazzle and their opposition to each other. These two concepts are developed based on the analysis of profiles on online gay dating website and individual works of art. The analysis of alternative masculinity types contributes to deconstructing heteronormativity. The art project reveals the flaws of camouflage masculinity and campish dazzle and looks for an alternative attitude. Attempts are made to find a “middle ground” between the existing extremities through the analysis of artworks of Forest Bess and spirituality research. The key aim of the art project is creating artworks associated with the concepts of camouflage masculinity and campish dazzle and the analysis of their interrelationship in the context of the developments of images of homosexual individuals. The analysis of individual motion pictures, which reveals the development of images of homosexual individuals and its impact on the works by the author, adds to implementing this aim too.

The art project is directly related to artworks created during it. The interdisciplinary works of art are based on theoretical insights by using an autoartresearch-based approach. The works created by the author do not only represent the theory but also, by employing different creation techniques, create new effects and meanings.